STARFILES: Nicky rocks Paris sucks !

Hi my lovely bloggers !

I decided to do a weekly starfile-post starting from... today ! (: This doesn't neccesarily mean that I'll pick the celebrities who wear the latest trends. I'll be giving a quick overview on the wardrobe of a particular celebrity. 

Hope you enjoy my first starfile: Nicky Hilton (:

I've never been a huge fan of Paris Hilton. Though I like her style sometimes, she seems to look way cheaper than her sister Nicky. I don't know what makes Paris so ordinary in my eyes - maybe it's her media image - but if I had to choose one of them... I'd definitely go for Nicky. I love her style !

Here's an overview of her amazing fashion items such as her statement Balenciaga bags and her gorgeous shoes ('cause she is a huuuge shoe-aholic) - oh wait, that's maybe why I like her so much ! 

Is this heaven or is this heaven !?
She organizes her shoes by designer. Her favourites are Louboutin - duh ! - and Alaïa.

...and her flats.
Nicky is well known for her skinny jeans, blazer and flats- outfits. It's a pretty simple outfit but she always spices it up with her one of her gorgeous flats. 

Coat: Dolce & Gabanna
Boots: Louboutin
Bag: Chanel
Nicky has a weakness for anything with studs, "The Louboutins I needed to have" she says.

Dresses: Versace
Shoes: Yves Saint Laurant
Colorblocking ? Nicky does it in style.

Shoes: Lanvin
Bag: Balenciaga
The stylish Hilton-girl bought this purse almost 10 years ago in Vegas... and indeed it is very Vegas-y. I absolutely looove this bag ! So pretty (:

Jacket: Chick by Nicky Hilton
Shoes: Louis Vuitton
Bag: Desingned by Nicky for Samantha Thavesa

Nicky started a junoir sportswear company in 2004, named Chick by Nicky Hilton. It's a very young and girly brand don't you think ?

Bags: Balenciaga
Scarves: Alexander McQueen
Ok, as a bag and shoe freak I'm drooling over this picture. All the colors of the rainbow united on Balenciaga bags... what could a girl want more ?

Bags: Balenciaga

Did I mention that Nicky was crazy about Balenciaga bags ! Haha :D 

And that's it for this starfile. Have a fab day my lovelies !

All images by The Coveteur


  1. Bilgisayarin ba$inda kriz geçiriyorum resmen :D Balenciaga çantalar, ayakkabilar benim olsaaaa ! ^^ Geçenlerde Khloe Kardashian'in gardrobunun resimlerine rastladim internette, yüzlerce Louboutin ayakkabilarla doluydu, rüya gibiydi ^^

    Öptüm canim

  2. Benim bu fotograflari ilk gördügümdeki tepkimde aynen öyleydi ! :D Böyle seyleri gördükçe ünlü olmak varmis diye geçiyor içimden :P :D Hele bir çanta ve ayakkabikolik olarak gözüm döndü Nicky'nin dolabini görünce :)) Kardashian'larda az degil ya, onlarin dolabini bende merak ettim simdi (:

    Bende öpüyorum tatlım, kendine iyi baaak <3